Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A&J's AR rap

Most comedy songs just aren't that funny. However, Adam and Joe's Antiques Roadshow rap is. It's a very affectionate send-up by the lovable duo.

Personally I find AR a source of huge comfort in our ever-changing world. There will always be an England whilst AR continues.

It gives a peculiar insight into the middle-of-the-road genius of the English: drenched in civility, conducted with humour but with a very beady eye on what things are worth.

By the way, despite my love of tweed and AR I want you to know that I am not an old lady.


Brit said...

Ah, the Holy Sunday Night Trinity: Songs of Praise, Antiques Roadshow, Last of the Summer Wine.

And the greatest of these is Antiques Roadshow (though Songs of Praise is the funniest.)

gaw said...

Thank you for your comment. But I'm sorry to say I find LotSW totally repellent. The plaintive, flat-voweled whingeing of its mawkishly sentimental, totally unfunny characters is just one of the many compelling reasons for my not wanting to visit Yorkshire.

In fact a Yorkshire (or for that matter East Midlands) venue for one of the other two programmes could be sufficient reason for me to switch over.


Brit said...

Well I did say the SoP was the funniest. But I suppose the internet, as someone said, is where irony goes to die.

Yorkshire's nice though.

gaw said...

I guess it could curl up in a shared grave with temperance.