Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Browned up

Just watched Gordon and Barack at their joint press conference. Brown was so heavily made-up he could have been of dual heritage himself. I guess that under the pancake he looks shite: flying all over the world and giving lots of speeches in air-conditioned halls isn't great for your complexion.

He also looked unnaturally relaxed. He was almost slumped across the lectern and spoke as if he was permanently in a state of spontaneous mild amusement. However, the quaver in his voice betrayed his nerves.

I was wondering who he reminded me of and then I realised it was me. In my teen years when I hung out with people who were self-evidently cool (e.g. from London or with experience of interesting drugs) one would adopt this sort of posture. I guess if you're provincial and a bit straight you do your best to look unfazed and chilled when you're hanging with the cool kids. You just have little idea what sort of impression you should be making in order to fit in.

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