Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Sometimes the zeitgeist works in mysterious ways, sometimes not.
I wonder what could have been the inspiration for Turner Prize shortlisted artist Enrico David? A one-eyed joker sporting an uneasy smile. And seemingly keen to give us all a savage beating with a large baseball bat...

Bulbous Marauder by Enrico David


David Spurr said...

Ah yes, The Turner Prize. Will the judges ever realise that most slightly gifted/autistic, colour blind art school students can turn out better crap than most of these paint-monkeys? It’s mostly egotistical, pointless bollocks designed for collectors with very little class or taste (or the Americans). Off to Berlin tomorrow evening to witness a real talent in the art world and support someone who can actually paint a bit!

Gaw said...

That sounds just about right Dave! Have a good trip - hoping to get over there too. Give my regards to Mark.

Could you let me have your email address as I don't have it anywhere? Don't leave it here or the spambots might invade. Text it to me via Mark?

Love your site and will enjoy a jolly good chillax to it.