Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sarkozy, as in tea-cosy

I've a strong streak of pedantry and I always get a bit irritated when the diminutive French President's name is pronounced to rhyme with tea-cosy. I've decided to work off my irritation with a limerick:

There was a Frenchman called Sarkozy
who decided he'd wear a tea-cosy
he'd holes for arms, no doubt
but none to push his head out
so concluded he'd been rather dozy.

The other world leader whose name is mis-pronounced is Mr Putin, pronounced Pootin not Pyutin (admittedly people seem to have now got with the programme on this one). But here we go anyway:

The Russian leader Vladimir Putin
isn't a patch on Mr Rasputin:
he's got no magical powers
or fearsome glowers
and probably wouldn't take as much shootin'.

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