Friday, 29 May 2009

Breaking news: old lady in gardening accident in non-historical country

Who says Wales is a backwater where not much happens and when it does it's already been news elsewhere? Not me.

But sometimes the headlines from the WalesOnline feed on my iGoogle page make it difficult to keep the faith. Here are two of the current top three stories:

OAP impaled while gardening

Don't worry too much, 'Her injuries are not thought to be life-threatening'. Hope she makes a full recovery.


Anonymous said...

When i was child growing up in Huddersfield (W Yorkshire) the local paper regularly ran headlines like "Susan, 12, reunited with teddy bear". However, i gather there are now enough murders to spice things up - thank heavens for Nu Labour.

Gaw said...

Wales has a population of nearly 3m. It's heartening that this was their breaking news for a while. I like how the editor tried to spice it up a little, as if a Transylvanian slayer was stalking the back gardens of Llandudno.

Mind you, around the corner from us at 11am on Bank Holiday Monday someone was nearly macheted to death and then run over. The Islington Tribune didn't run the story.