Saturday, 30 May 2009

Golden days

"Van Heerden went off - I think Gordon had done him a bit of damage [footage of large South African hobbling off with his arm slung across his chest, head bowed]. Gordon broke his hand that game too. In fact, I think the two things may have been connected".

Roger Uttley reminiscing about the Third Test in last night's Sky documentary 'Lions 1974 - Invincibles'. Featured some fantastic punch-ups.

Also I never saw why people rated JJ so highly. I mean he didn't have the sidestep of Gerald or Benny did he? But quick as a whippet and a superb footballer with it.


Gadjo Dilo said...

Rugby is one of those things like whaling and tank warfare which I find impressive but know would have probably ruined my mental stability for life had I ever been forced to try it!

Gaw said...

Whaling and tank warfare - playing against the Springboks is tough but probably not that tough!