Monday, 8 June 2009

Actually living in London

As I've probably pissed off any of my old friends from Ciren who read the last post, I'd just as well go the whole patronising hog. I love the place but it can be a bit inward-looking (or used to be).

As I related in Saturday's post, I was looking forward to the wedding reception as it presented an opportunity to catch up with old school and drinking friends:

First Conversation

Me: 'Oright?'

Friend 1: 'Oright?'

Me: 'What you been up to, then?'

Friend 1 [shaking head ruefully]: 'Gor, I've been all over the place, lived everywhere...'

Me: 'Oh yeah?'

Friend 1: 'Yeah. I lived in Stratton. Then I moved to Chesterton, then Watermoor, and now I live over in South Cerney.'

Me: 'Gor...'

Second Conversation

Friend 2: 'Oright?'

Me: 'Oright?'

Friend 2: 'So where're you living now?'

Me: 'Oh, London'.

Friend 2 [looking slightly confused]: 'What d'you mean - you work up in London...?'

Me: 'No, I live there and work there.'

Friend 2 [jolts head back in amazement]: 'What? You actually live in London?'

But then I remember when Cheddar Man was discovered nine thousand years after his death, his DNA was still present in the modern day inhabitants of Cheddar. At the time I read somewhere (can't remember where) that a large majority of people in Britain don't move further than ten miles from their birthplace. This is easily forgotten in cosmopolitan London.


Brit said...

'What? You actually live in London?'

I would say that's a fair question. What.. you voluntarily LIVE in London?!

Gaw said...

Brit, I would have agreed with that attitude before I lived here. But as I commented on your post 'London': "The thing about London is that it feels totally different living in it versus visiting it. Having a fixed point means the vertigo stops and you can start to relax." Can't imagine leaving now. Clicking on 'London' in my label cloud helps explain why this is so.

Mia Dickinson said...

Im a born and bred Londoner who lived in Spain for a year. Since coming back Ive asked myself the same question.

Why London?

But then I get the tube up into town and re-live the magic.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Ther should be a cult film made called The Cheddar Man, about a inward-looking community who inter unwanted outsiders in huge person-shaped lumps of cheddar.