Thursday, 4 June 2009

I shop like a lady

I talked about a breakfast seminar in my previous post. In the course of the seminar I also discovered that I shop like a lady.

Men tend to have a goal-directed and functional approach to shopping: in and out as quickly as possible and with a minimum of fuss. Women have a more recreational approach: the experience is enjoyable in itself.

There are, however, five areas where men shop like women: tools, technology, booze, cars and, more surprisingly, magazines. In the last, women shop exactly like men do in other areas: they know exactly which is 'their' title and just go and buy it. Men, however, tend to graze the glossy pastures: they browse, pick up, leaf through. Then do it again, cud-chewing as they go.

This is reflected in the layout of the magazine sections in places like WH Smith. The part containing golf, motoring, wine, computer and sailing titles is extensive and relatively spaciously laid out; the part with the women's magazines is compact, streamlined and near the tills.

One attendee with experience in magazine retailing said that his business referred to the men's magazine section as 'the library'. Another said they called it more figuratively (and rather disgustingly) 'the urinals'.

Anyway, it struck me that I shop almost exactly like the typical woman. I nip in and get my Spectator with nary a browse. The only men's category I enjoy taking my time over is that of booze. No interest in the others at all. So I buy as quickly and as straightforwardly as possible and only when I have to.

On the other hand I love shopping at the butcher's, fishmonger's, greengrocer's. And I'm not averse to a bit of clothes shopping. I draw the line at make-up, however. I borrow the wife's.


Gadjo Dilo said...

I clearly shop like a bloke, which is reassuring... but my wife doesn't wear makeup - can I also borrow your wife's?

worm said...

I shop like a bloke, in that I never go to the shops unless I absolutely have to.

Brit said...

I shop on the internet unless I absolutely have to.

Interesting point about the magazines. These days browsing the mag shelves is an uncomfortable business though, cleavage and bums everywhere, it's not good for you.

Yes, booze is the same - browsing interesting beers is the best bit of the supermarket.

Gaw said...

Thank you for sharing, chaps. I'm now exploring my metrosexuality and considering waxing options. Gadj, the wife says 'no'.