Tuesday, 30 June 2009

They're doomed says Fraser

I've posted before (only three times, it seems, but feeling like a lot more) about how exasperated I am with the outright lies being told by Brown et al. I'd promised myself not to notice it any more because, well, it's just a bit upsetting to little flowers like me.

But I couldn't resist adverting to this: one of the first signs that they're beginning to feel the hot breath of a vengeful truth breathing down their necks.

Have you noticed, by the way, how Brown and Balls roll their words around their mouths before spitting them out as if they burn? Dante might have described a circle of hell where this sort of thing happened.

You may also have noticed, as I just have, how I come over all biblical when discussing this topic. Can't be a good sign, for me or them.

That's definitely it now. No more.


Anonymous said...

The bolgia for fraudulent counsellors - cantos 26 and 27 of Inferno, Ulysses and Guido da Montefeltro. Because Dante was a poet he sees those who misuse language as potentially great, poets gone wrong, if you like. But he lived before the newspaper and TV - i think if he lived now he'd have one grand figure like Ulysses, and his Guido would be a seedy hack who speaks in headlines and cliches.

Gaw said...

Thank Elb, I had a feeling you'd be able to put your finger on it. I've never read it (could only hope to do so in translation of course) but perhaps one day I'll get around to it.