Monday, 27 July 2009

Threatened with being fed to dogs

Allegations of the British Government's complicity in torture keep coming. This time two British citizens are detained in the UAE on ridiculously flimsy grounds, are tortured, made to sign manifestly false confessions, and are released without charge. They're now back in the UK but messed up by their experiences, which sound horrible. For instance, they were threatened with being fed to dogs.

Statements made by their torturers and heavily censored correspondence between consular officials in the UAE and the Foreign Office suggest there may have been British security services involvement. (If the men were innocent and there was no British involvement in their imprisonment and torture why is the correspondence so heavily censored?)

Anyway, this incident exhibits features similar to other alleged incidents of 'outsourced' torture. It provides a particularly pithy illustration of how a policy of turning a blind eye to torture by others - whilst keeping the other eye on anything of interest that's turned up - is not just wicked, but useless.

Shockingly hypocritical too, of course. We need a judicial enquiry into all these allegations that our Human Rights-touting Labour Government was implicated in torture.

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