Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Back again

Discharged for the third time - the lucky one, we hope.

The only observation I have - and it's a valuable one if you ever spend any substantial time in hospital - is that if you get sick of the standard bland, over-processed hospital food (which you are sure to) go for the halal or african-caribbean option. This should be available from all good London hospitals and perhaps elsewhere.

The catering of these meals is contracted out, presumably to the people that do supermarket ready-meals, and they are tasty and seem to contain superior ingredients. I've enjoyed dishes such as Fish Escovitch - coley in spicy pepper sauce with potatoes and banana - and Sag Gosht with Channa Dhal and Basmati Rice. Helps put a bit of savour into what is a deadening experience. No-one raised the objection that I am not a Muslim nor, even more obviously, African-Caribbean. An instance where multi-culturalism works to the benefit of your White British CofE person.

I'm sorry to have been so boring as to have to inflict these hospital adventures on you. To adapt Tolstoy: all well people are well in their own way, each unwell person resembles any other, i.e. bored, boring, slightly smelly and, where I went, wearing regulation green NHS pyjamas.

Thanks for your thoughts and back to happier things.


Bunny Smedley said...

Having read that, I'm now seriously hungry for some Caribbean food ... although admittedly I might not go for my local hospital as the first option. Green NHS pyjamas don't really suit me.

Anyway, more to the point, welcome back!

worm said...

welcome back Gaw!!

glad to hear that with all these superbugs about, hospital wasn't too muich of a 'deadening experience' for you!

Hey Skipper said...

What worm said.

It is worth noting my recent experience with a small part of the US health care system (my daughter had knee surgery).

The hospital food was actually quite good, and had a wide selection.

Oh, yeah, her knee is doing great.

Nige said...

Welcome back Gaw! Glad you're out again (as are you I'm sure) - and thanks for the food tip. Good thinking...