Friday, 18 September 2009


Sorry to all those who've been enjoying the renewed flow of eclectic posts. I'm afraid another setback means Gaw is back in hospital and taking an enforced respite from blogging again. Trust me, you don't want to know all the details.

I'm sure the poor chap will welcome messages of commiseration, and he looks forward to being back soon.



Francis Sedgemore said...

"Trust me, you don't want to know all the details."

You're probably right, though I understand there's a healthy market in sick-lit.

Give the old man my best regards. I look forward to Gareth's return, but in the meantime I hope he enjoys the morphia.

Bunny Smedley said...

I worry that hearing from all of us has triggered some sort of ghastly relapse - sorry! (Either that, or translating Russian poety was an exertion too far ...)

In any event, please do send Gareth best wishes from Fugitive Ink. There's no one like him and he's much missed.

worm said...

as francis says, hopefully you're on double doses of excellent drugs and experiencing all sorts of coleridge-style visions. I look forward to gonzojournalism reports from inside the stately pleasure dome!

get well soon Gareth!

Sean said...

Take it easy!

Sean said...

Look on the bright side, your chances of winning hospital food bingo have been greatly enhanced :0)

This is a link

Kevin Musgrove said...

Best wishes from me, too. Please don't let him see the party conferences under morphine.

Brit said...

Hang on in there, dude.