Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Seven Quirky Personality Traits

Gadjo Dilo graciously tagged me to write up my 'Seven Quirky Personality Traits'. In the belief that the quirk is in the eye of the beholder - your quirk is my normal, everyday habit - I asked two of the women in my life for their views (T and me Mam, who's staying at the moment).

The suggestions came in rapid-fire succession from each: 'obsessive', 'demanding', 'bossy', 'pedantic', 'always right', 'controlling', 'stubborn'.

Mmm. I had to point out that these weren't so much quirks as, well, flaws. T suggested I could have included 'addiction to Earl Grey tea'. But for mysterious reasons that enthusiasm seems to have been brought to an end by my operation.

Any more, I wondered? Mum: you're quite vain, but not as much as your brother. T: how about 'plagiarism' as all you're going to do is write up what we've just told you?

Enough already. My feet remain planted firmly on the ground.


Nige said...

Ha! Good to have you back, Gaw.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Yes, actually it's hopeless asking people what their own quirks are: "I'm just too generous" or "My facial twitch is an unconcious way of reigning in the powerful effect I have on women", etc. If people who know me had chosen mine I shudder to think what they might have come up with!

Gaw said...

Thanks Nige, good to be back!

Gadjo: I'm glad we live in a culture which regards introspection as mostly a chance to take the piss!

Anonymous said...

Gaw, welcome back.

You asked your mother and your significant other to honestly describe your quirks? Together in the same room? Did it not occur to you that they had been living for that moment for years, ready to pounce at the first opening?

Let's see. Gaw's quirks? How about "out of his everloving mind"?

Gaw said...

A moment of weakness, Peter. They probably deserve to let off a little steam, though. One sign of my feeling better is a tendency to micro-manage my temporary nurses!

Brit said...

You should have phrased it thus: "Name seven reasons why I'm so great."

That might have got an interesting response.

Anonymous said...

I would have gone with: "What are my seven most glaring faults you are working on correcting?"