Friday, 23 October 2009

Fascist dog bites Muslim man

It's very disappointing that the BBC's headline is currently 'Griffin attacks Islam on BBC show'. Apart from this being news on the level of 'dog bites man' it certainly doesn't appear to be what everyone's talking about: that Griffin was inept, shifty and embarrassed. Also why lend one of the main planks of his platform a headline?

Incompetent journalism and foot-shootingly daft.

UPDATE: The BBC headline is now (2pm) 'Griffin complaint over BBC 'mob''. If all one did is read headlines, you'd think the BNP had had a pretty good twenty-four hours. I still think the story is 'BNP leader 'shown up' say critics': given the huge expectations, positive and negative, that had built up over the week, surely the outcome - whether he came over well or not - has to be the story?


worm said...

noticed all this stuff as I had a rare isten to the Today programme on the way to work. They were milking the controversy for all it was worth in exactly the strange way you describe, which makes me think of cynical audience-grabbing by the BBC bigwigs.

Brit said...

yes, "charter" my arse. How many complaints would there have been about the BBC's charter if they just didn't bother inviting Griffin on?

Sean said...

I think the BNP did well, The Beeb gave them exactly what they wanted victim hood.

Its a classic case of making someone look an idiot by asking them too many questions they dont have a hope of answering to any reasonable degree, the public will see it for what it was, a hit job.

Ive been in the real world all day on a large construction site and I did not hear a bad word said about Griffin all day, quite the opposite.

As they say the one thing worst than a Fascist is an anti-fascist, it really does hold true. And like all true idiots the Beeb let their emotions rule their heads.

Grif, the BNP et all will all go back to the bedsit above the local chippy the day Labour goes into opposition, if you want to get rid of the BNP then vote Conservative

Gaw said...

The whole thing was a bit of a car crash. I wouldn't have had the buggers on.

I'm not sure the Tories will pull off what Thatch did and siphon off their support - they don't bang on about immigration any more. Perhaps if they get elected they'll revert to previous form.

Sean said...

No garath its not about siphoning them off.

the support for the bnp comes from hard core working class constituency, and for them it comes down to Labour or nothing, the bnp is the nothing bit.

When Labour are in opposition they will go back to the junk the revel in. Tories dont need these people and never have.

Gaw said...

Just to clarify, are you saying when the Tories are in BNP supporters will go back to supporting Labour? I assume this is the junk they'd revel in. Or do you mean just junk?

Re Tories and hard core working class: Thatch captured a lot of them partly through talking about immigration (possibly not up North though - haven't a clue what happens up there.)

Sean said...

The BNP is a labour protest vote.
The BNP is the lefts problem, always has been.

All the Pols play lip service to the sentiment issues, always have, Thatch was no different.

Why it really matters now is the working class have become the under class, Labour in opposition will pay some lip service to them and should get them back, at the moment they are in a sort of state of Nihilism.