Saturday, 17 October 2009

Oh crumbs

It's just one disaster after another. And now this: Biscuitgate. People are saying the hoo-ha about Brown's inability to name his favourite biscuit just shows how we're obsessed with the trivial.

But surely the person most obsessed with the trivial is Brown himself. Why couldn't he give a quick, throwaway answer to what is a totally unimportant question? He was probably strategising his reply, and ended up in such a quandary that he succumbed to paralysis, struck dumb.

Brown seems doomed to unending enmities and repeated failures. As Talleyrand said of France's pre-revolutionary royal house he's 'learned nothing and forgotten nothing'. I therefore nominate the Bourbon as Brown's favourite biscuit.


Gadjo Dilo said...

"Britain Britain Britain" (as Tom Baker once said) - is this the main topic of converstion at the moment?? Brown should go for the Peak Freen "Clement Atlee Assortment" if he's got any sense.

Sean said...

In the 80s I think Thats Life did a similar wind up going around asking the pols what was their favorite fish. I remember Mrs T (gowd bless) was the only one to give a straight answer, with a run down of the best fish to buy at the moment. The welsh wind bag (now a eurocrat multi millionaire) would not answer too.

Anyways You need to take biscuits more seriously, back in 2006 there was a shortage of Figs, that lead to the Fig Roll disappearing from our shops (did you notice?) well Figs were a part of a much larger commodity bubble (inc oil) that was the herald to the world economic collapse.

Keep your eye on those fig rolls, especially other family members :0)

Kevin Musgrove said...

Some of the comments on the mums' site were vacuously silly. Still, the point remains: Gordon Brown is either too indecisive or too terrified of public opinion to answer a straight and simple question.

Gaw said...

Gadjo: Mr Atlee would have had no problems with this one, I'm sure.

Sean:My choice would have been Grey Bream or Gurnard, both tasty and relatively good value.

I loathe fig rolls but will keep an eye on stocks at the Co-op as a leading indicator of economic crisis.

Kevin: On reflection I think he (and you, for that matter) were quite brave to even go into Mumsnet. They can be very intimidating in groups.

Sean said...

give red snapper a go, bq in tandoori, serve with rice and prawns.