Sunday, 11 October 2009

A sign

Spent the last couple of days in the country and both today and yesterday I saw the same rather eery sight. There's a dead larch at the bottom of the valley, next to the mill-stream. This morning and yesterday morning perched atop the grey, skeletal tree was a pitch-black cormorant, neck arched, hooked beak tucked into its chest. Occupying the feathered branches below were three herons, floating in the mist like ghostly pale question marks. Finally, the middle branches were crowded with a group of restless rooks that each time took flight as soon as they saw me. The cormorant and herons however remained, patient and aloof, disdainful of my presence.

A strange sight to see once, let alone twice. What could it mean? Only this evening has the awful message become apparent: Kandy Rain to be ejected. Strange and portentous days, people.


Kevin Musgrove said...

But David Cameron is still in Strictly Come Dancing, isn't he?

Gadjo Dilo said...

Kandy Rain? Or can de not. (I'm utterly confused. I'll be happy to be left me that way.)

worm said...

my god, you truly have been sucked into the vortex of the x factor. See, like crack cocaine it just took one hit and you were hooked.

Gaw said...

Kevin, I'm truly scared now to open another prime time can of worms.

Gadjo: Truly, in this instance, blessed are the confused.

Worm: I think I can rely on boredom being my saviour.

Brit said...

Masterchef: the X-Factor for people who shop at Waitrose.