Thursday, 29 October 2009

West is the best (cont.)

More evidence. Bristol is tops:
Residents have what they need at their fingertips - a bustling, varied city centre, a great night life and friendly people.

However, these outgoing fingertips appear to have dirt under their nails:
The survey comes in the same week that the city's residents were shamed for washing their hands less often than anyone else in the UK.

The secret of happiness or a presentiment of swine flu nemesis?

(Thanks Fradge!)


Brit said...

Bristolians were the most likely to walk their children to school. - that could be cos the traffic's so bad and the busses are crap, mind.

But still...


Sean said...

Hockney V Hirst, no fecking contest!

Hockney you can spot painting on the side of the road on the way to Scarborough..amongst his people, Bristol boy too busy knocking one off into a food bag, freeze dried and sold to some City boy.

Mind you I have to say SS Great Britain is well worth a visit, especially when the Jafa relatives turn up, a couple of hours there then load up the car and off to Barth.

PS any survey that has Scousepool in the top 10 you can say for certain was done done by a bunch of drunk students interviewing as many glue sniffers as they can find in a hour.

Anonymous said...

"Visit Bristol--The City of Friendly People Who Don't Wash Their Hands"

I imagine they aren't sleeping well in London and Oxford these days.

worm said...

perhaps they dont need to wash their hands because its always raining so hard

Brit said...

One thing we do have a lot of in Brizzle is hot air balloons. They're always floating about over the city whenever it's not raining. It's nice.

Gaw said...

Brit: Hilly Bris makes for nice views but hard walking.

Sean: Hold it, it's North vs South, not North vs West. That just wouldn't be right.

Do the young people still sniff glue? Seems very old fashioned.

Peter: Don't worry, being English they're non-tactile. And eat food from packets.

Worm: Could be climatic but what about Manc? I suspect it's a product of Western bohemianism, a romantic, non-materialist view of life that rises above basic hygiene.