Monday, 2 November 2009

Cut down in his prime

Here's an appreciation of a British actor who was cut down in his prime, at the age of 49, possibly on account of his six packs of fags a day. If he'd lived for another thirty years and kept working, would he have bagged a K like Sir Christopher? Probably not.

Marty Feldman (heard of him?): ugly but a unique examplar of raffish-zany-cool-grotesque. But surely no uglier than the purportedly sexy Serge Gainsbourg - but then the French are funny like that.

Didn't hold him back too much, however:
In 1959 he married the love of his life, a dolly bird named Lauretta Sullivan. They lived for many years in a gothic creepy Victorian pile in Hampstead.


worm said...

I think I only know him from Young Frankenstein, although of course his face is pretty famous!! I was reading someone the other day who was saying that Feldman was one of their favourite actors and could have been one of the greats in Hollywood, up there with Peter Sellers if he had not died so early

Gaw said...

Possibly. Difficult to speculate, isn't it? People certainly loved him: you'd say his name with a smile on your face. I'm glad he had it away with his dolly bird.