Friday, 13 November 2009

'A game of cat and mouse'

I love odd stories from the local press. I link to them on the blog when I come across them, which is usually only when I'm outside London - the Islington Tribune is typically full of non-whimsical murders and robberies. But my enthusiasm goes back a long way. I think one of my earliest newspaper memories was reading a story about how British Gas were leaving town, having tried everything to turn a profit from their unprofitable and soon-to-be-closed shop on the high street. The headline: 'Gas Showroom's Final Solution'. Queuing up, they were.

Here's one from - oops, one of our national presses - Wales Online (more here).

It's a real beauty, up there with the man who was arrested for 'attempted possession' of cocaine (I'm not really able to provide a summary explanation - click on the link to find out more).

This latest story is particularly precious as it provides a telling portrait of our diligent and lateral-thinking police service.

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