Monday, 2 November 2009

The Great Ship of Parliament

Strange but true.

I overheard my four-year old playing with his pirate ship this morning. He was announcing to the world "This is The Great Ship of Parliament! This is The Great Ship of Parliament!"

I asked him to repeat: "It's The Great Ship of Parliament, daddy". And why is this The Great Ship of Parliament? "Because the animals have got all the treasure! Hurray!" Of course.

The Great Ship of Parliament


Frank Key said...

On a related note, I overheard some tinies playing outside the other day. One was standing quite still and screeching, as only an excitable tot can, "I'm in Area 51! I'm in Area 51!"

Wouldn't have heard that in my day.

Brit said...

That's brilliant. I love it when kids take bits from the adult world and stick them somwhere completely unpredictable.

My niece (18 months) is currently demanding the "wokka" song all the time. The Wokka song? I asked. Turns out it's "These Boots are made for Walking".. ("one of these days these boots are gonna WOKKA 'llover you).

Gaw said...

Frank: I've just looked up what Area 51 is. Sinister stuff. But I don't suppose it's any worse than WWII re-enactments. I remember going hoarse from making machine-gun sounds.

Brit: It's nice when they stray into the surreal. Because of Halloween Tommy's currently interested in magpires. Those black and white bloodsucking birds.

Bunny Smedley said...

Magpires - that's excellent. My walk through the park passes through a sort of diffused flock of the wretched things and I'll certainly look at them differently today - walking a bit faster, perhaps!

Nice ship, btw. Those animals have done well for themselves. But if we're on the subject of strange things children say, my little boy has just started doing joined-up writing - or, as he puts it, 'accursed writing' - at school. Which works well with the Halloween meta-theme, actually.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Such perspicacity in one so young!

Gaw said...

Bunny: I agree - they're sinister enough already without the implication of vampirism. 'Accursed writing' is very good and very apposite. I remember being so bored having to write within those horizontal bars, making sure my up-strokes reached the top one, etc. Accursed!

Gadjo: We are beginning to worry about what he's being exposed to. T asked him yesterday evening why the Great Ship was called Parliament and he said it was because "Parliament is so important". So at least he's developing a rounded appreciation of the subject.