Friday, 20 November 2009

Joe 90

I dunno why the bizarre but pleasant tune embedded below started whirring away in my head - could have been an earlier pop music ding-dong. It's obviously not one of yer quality. But very enjoyable for a laugh, perhaps during that period of booze-driven euphoria described in the previous post (Soul Limbo would be another - see the bottom of this post for an excellent illustration).

I first heard it (to dance to anyway) in the weekly disco at Cirencester's Corn Hall in about 1980 when a couple of Northern Soulsters turned up with their own records. When it started playing it seemed a joke (your hardcore Northern Soul aficionado would certainly think so).

But when the flares got flapping around head height it seemed pretty cool, really. Perhaps it was a cool joke, it being the era of Madness. Anyway here you go (they've done a good job of making Joe quietly but enigmatically confident haven't they? Not an easy look to stick on a puppet I imagine):

Or perhaps it is.

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