Friday, 27 November 2009

Little savages

Children are right little savages. My four-year old, propelling himself along on his brother's brick trolley, swinging his plastic cutlass over his head crying 'Catch the robber! Cut, cut, cut! Kill, kill, kill!' His eighteen-month old brother laughing, trying to run away but when caught seeming to revel in his pretend (and quite careful) chopping up.

Where do they get the idea that this sort of thing might be considered fun? We do discourage it, albeit half-heartedly now. But it seems totally innate and unstoppable. Thank God for civilisation.


Brit said...

Heh heh, yes, this is why South Park is truer than Enid Blyton.

Bunny Smedley said...

So true. My son went through a phase of building Lego prisons, in which to incarcerate 'the baddies'. It was rather like living in the midst of a Foucault text.

Gaw said...

I'm not sure which is scarier South Park or Foucault! Thankfully, we have lots of gentle Oliver Postgage DVDs to act as antidote.