Friday, 13 November 2009

Not as we know it

For those of you who either enjoyed or were irritated (or both) by my post on the Republican wood-cutters:

I'd referred in the post how difficult it is to square the Republican rump's beliefs with conservatism, as I understand it anyway. Here's something that describes this dissonance better than I can.


Vern said...

Fantastical gibberish, hysterical, over heated rhetoric, and a mind-blowing logical leap at the end that literally makes no sense. (Obama! Save us!) Also: absolutely frothing with hatred.

I love his messianic claims to be out to save true 'conservatism' whatever the f*ck that is. In this, he sounds a lot like those Republicans he professes to despise.

Fakn 'ell.

Gaw said...

Thought it would tickle you, Vern.

Vern said...

Y'see the funny thing is that I can't stand Hannity either. And yet Sullivan talks such utter sheisse that he almost drives me to the defence of the Reaganite gobshite.

Almost, that is.

Hey Skipper said...


What I think you take as conservatism is what I also take as conservatism, which is really small-l liberalism, of the Adam Smith Theory of Moral Sentiments stripe.

Of course, at one time liberalism was very radical.

I think the symptomatic problem for the GOP (as distinguished from what I think conservatives are) is abortion. An authoritarian conservative is an oxymoron. But I don't see how the GOP can square its profound moral revulsion with letting people make up their own minds.

Gaw said...

Skipper: I think you're right. Today Smith and Hume read pretty conservatively, not only versus statists, but also versus the ├╝ber-rationalists.

It seems to me that the politicisation of the personal in the US really poisons the atmosphere. It's one thing when it's our wallets at issue but when it's our bodies and closest relationships, it's almost inevitable it's going to get bitter.