Sunday, 8 November 2009

Thick as Thieves

Soldiers talk of the strong bond they have with their mates; it keeps them going. In WWI, where a group of lads from the same community would join up together, these friendships would have been even stronger, long pre-dating the war.

The First World War still has such a powerful hold on our imaginations as it was such a catastrophic and unprecedented intrusion into the domestic and familiar. Countless friendships translated to foreign fields, to be ended or forever changed. Here's The Jam's evocative Thick as Thieves, with lyrics.


Gadjo Dilo said...

I was a huge Jam fan, though I confess I never listen to them now, and remember Setting Sons with a great deal of affection. Despite his sharp edge, Paul Weller also had Paul McCartney-like leanings towards domesticity and stories about ordinary people.

Gaw said...

I think this is their best. Great lyrics and the best song about growing up and friendship I've come across.

As time passes, I think Weller's stuff becomes more impressive. He must have written 'Down in the Tube Station at Midnight' in his teens but it's a mature and considered song. I'm biased because of my age but I think that the post-punk era was a golden age for pop, great songs about everyday things.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Yep, a golden age indeed; surely second only to growing up in the late 60s - kids today don't know they're born, eh?

Brit said...

First, everyone thinks the years in which they were in their teens were the Golden Age of Popular Music. This is inevitable.

In fact, all eras have some great stuff and a whole load of sub-standard crap.

Second, the Jam were indeed a great, great band (along with the Clash, Blondie etc), which is why they're remembered while everyone has forgotten all the sub-standard crap.

Gaw said...

Brit, I'm shocked. I find your relativism despicable. Morally despicable, for some reason I have yet to arrive at.

Is every type of thing from every age just about as good as the same type of thing from any other age? Cf. ToE's Beatles posts.

Clearly the Jam, the Clash and Blondie are superior to Oasis, Blur and Elastica.