Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The difference a "Wow!" makes

My youngest son - eighteen months old - is really relishing nursery at the moment. He's generally a happy little chap but he's seemed particularly animated when I've picked him up or dropped him off over the last few days. I was wondering why and then remembered he's just started exclaiming "Wow!", as in 'This is seriously amazing, you know!', and "Whee!', as in 'What a lot of fun this is!'.

I've always thought that experiences are a lot more enjoyable and, in a way, more real when they're shared. Traveling on your own, for instance, can be interesting but never fun. So, my guess is that the little fella has suddenly begun to enjoy himself more as he's now discovered those idiomatic bits of language that make it easier to share pleasure. It's lovely to witness. Wow.

And whilst we're on the subject here's a trailer for an upcoming movie documentary, 'Babies'. It's unashamedly cute and optimistic. Which is a good thing.

H/t: David Thompson.


worm said...

oh god, I'd better not let my other half see that trailer, she'd go even more baby-mental than she is already

malty said...

Yeah, our two used to beat each other with stones, then they grew out of the cute phase.
Imagine the expression on the face of Evgeny Kissin's mum when at the ripe old age of eighteen months he stood up in his cot and hummed a Bach piece that his sister had been playing on the piano!

Gadjo Dilo said...

Hmm, pretty darn cute, I'd have to agree.

Gaw said...

Worm: Baby mental? There must be a long compound German noun that expresses that state.

Malty: In our house he's more likely to hum the AppleMac start up sound.

Gadj: Unarguably.

Brit said...