Wednesday, 16 December 2009


A post by Brit reminded me of Killing Joke's 'A Love Like Blood', one of my favourite songs of the '80s and one I'd more or less forgotten about. Exploring what versions might be online, I found this one (below) on YouTube. It's a terrific live performance - a great reminder of how much extravagantly aggressive noise you can get from two guitars.

It's from The Tube, something else from the '80s that I'd virtually forgotten about. What a fantastic programme. It seems improbable now: a two-hour live music show that went out from 5pm to 7pm (I think) on a Friday on Channel Four. It was hosted originally (and during its best days) by those two witty, foul-mouthed imps Jools Holland and Paula Yates.

I remember tearing myself away from it about half-way through, showered and ready to go out. We'd meet down the local Drillman's Arms, which opened at six. No-one wanted to turn up too long after opening - you might miss something. The beginning of a long night of drinking, smoking, three-card brag, and if you were lucky, a few snogs. Perhaps rounded off with a punch-up.

One for the S&B:


Brit said...

a great reminder of how much extravagantly aggressive noise you can get from two guitars.

Or, if you're Jack White, from one guitar.

(Though Elephant was 13 years after the fall so it might not count, of course...)

Gaw said...

Gosh, that is rather good isn't it? Sounding like a fully cranked up Led Zep with half the numbers. If nothing else rock has become a lot more efficient since the old days.

worm said...

I love this record! definate fave of mine. I think 'chuggy' is a good description of it. Used to love all that gothy stuff - the mission, fields of the nephalim, sisters of mercy, the cult etc.

word verification: Retange - an unpleasant lingering flavour

" He wiped his mouth, swallowing back the acrid retange of the whisky"

Gaw said...

KJ were one of those bands who were on the cusp of New Wave and goth. This one is from their New Wave era - I don't think they look very gothic. In fact, I'm not sure goths had been invented at this point. There were just punks whose hair, clothes and eyeliner were all black.

worm said...

goths were never invented, they just hatched

Brit said...

I thought they were 'spawned'.

Sean said...

I would have thought the Skids, "into the valley boyo" was more your bag?

Spear Of Destiny- 'Prisoner of love" is more mine, As for KJ "requiem" is more the thing.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Ah yes, The Tube was indeed excellent, and I'd almost forgotten that there was still some actual, non-synthesised rock music in the 80s.

Gaw said...

Sean: The Skids seemed like a bit of a novelty band. Stupid haircut even for then, too. I missed Spear of Destiny altogether for some reason. I was much more into ska and soul music from my mid-teens on.

Gadjo: The most memorable performance from The Tube for me was Frankie Goes to Hollywood. But there were plenty of great ones.