Monday, 28 December 2009


Gripping stuff happening in Iran. Could the overthrow of the regime be around the corner? The best place to follow events that I've come across is the Daily Dish.

Good luck to the green revolutionaries!


Sean said...

Hope So, But I think Charles Krauthammer is right, Bam has failed to gamble

Gaw said...

US intervention would be counter-productive. Krauthammer is an idiot.

Sean said...

Nope he is not Gaw.

I have been to Iran, i have friends in Tabriz, what they want to know is are we on their side, Its a question I cant answer at the moment, I honestly dont know.

Yup there is plenty of down sides, but the BIG down side is pretending we can stay out of it and everything will be OK, we are involved, we have always been involved and will continue to be involved.

Sean said...

Just to add, Why are we involved.

Democracy is not the natural state of things, our Liberalism is always at a disadvantage, as such we will always be the enemy regardless if we keep our noses our or send the tanks in.

Gaw said...

It's obvious we're on the side of the protesters (though some of the neo-cons do give every impression of preferring the status quo).

Don't discount how Iranian nationalism and distrust of Britain and America influences all parties in Iran: if we're seen to be trying to dictate outcomes it will strengthen the hand of the government by allowing them to retreat into a defensive nationalism. In fact, Obama's policy of engagement could be said to have created the space for the protests in the first place.

Anyway what are we going to do this side of bombing apart from grandstand with some self-satisfied speechifying?

With regard to Krauthammer and his ilk, whenever anyone compares today's Middle East to 1980s Eastern Europe, it establishes beyond doubt that they have no idea what they're talking about.