Saturday, 9 January 2010

Commercial break

Not sure how to put this without coming over all advert voiceover. Perhaps a little old-time personal testimony? A year or so ago I discovered some excellent boxer shorts: soft cotton, amusing colours, button fly and comfortably cut. They were pricey but I bought them in a sale for around £10 each. Well, I need some new ones now and looked up the brand on the web: Coton Doux, from Paris.

Keep your excitement under control as they're on sale (as is every French retail business if it has sales-driven marketing: they have legally-designated sale periods). You can now buy these terrific boxers for just €9 each (plus p&p). I don't think this is too pricey: these are very good quality shorts, with dozens of colour options - pictures below.

I address this recommendation to women readers too: they would make a nice gift, though perhaps not sufficient for birthdays. Unless, that is, the man you know gets as much satisfaction from having nice boxer shorts as I do (I'm hoping this is known as 'just gay enough', but I'm sure someone will put me right).


malty said...

Just hope that you don't have an accident Gaw, and end up in the local A&E dept.
I can imagine the conversation ' we had this bloke in yesterday......'
A black suspender belt is more masculine.

Especially in German cities.

Sean said...

At -18 matey boxers will not do, I am a 24/7 nylon man until further notice.

Kevin Musgrove said...

I'm having an age thing here: how are these not directoire knickers?

worm said...

the acid test : would Paxman wear them?

Anonymous said...

i feel moved to post pictures of my own boxer shorts. Be warned.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Lovely colours indeed, but I'm afraid I can't be doing with boxers, I need to feel myself being held in a firm handshake.

Gaw said...

Malty: Having spent some time recently in hospital I can assure you my boxers elicited no comments or funny looks, or at least ones I noticed. I imagine you're German gentleman is more of a Speedo-type brief wearer.

Sean: Nylon! What about the static! And lack of breathability!

Kevin: I like that idea. I'm not sure I should though.

Worm: Given he has a bright sock thing going I think we know the answer don't we? Ditto Jon Snow.

Elb: Are they fur-lined ex-Soviet military ones?

Gadjo: I hope that was a metaphor.

Sean said...

Exactly garth, the air cannot get in, Job done!