Thursday, 7 January 2010


I posted a snowy view of our street the other day. Here's a more distant one (bottom right hand corner, partly obscured).

Go here if you'd like to see it in more - truly beautiful - detail.


worm said...

good picture isn't it! we look more like Kerguelen

word verification - reriveys: the small jerking head movements one makes as one lolls repeatedly in and out of conciousness whilst going to work on the tube

Hey Skipper said...

Very cool.

Looks like my backyard. Difference being that I live in Alaska.

BTW, here are some more interesting satellite photos.

malty said...

A frozen image of an education system in lock down.

Gaw said...

Worm: We need that word! We need to go the the top guy at the OED immediately.

Skip: Happy New Year old chap! Great photos at the link. It's a shame they coloured them though.

Malty: Lighten up! Missing school for a couple of days is not a biggie.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Britain truly is a lovely shape. Though the Isle of Man always looks a bit unnecessary.

Gaw said...

It's at about purse height with a similar purpose.