Sunday, 24 January 2010

Large movements, complexly coordinated

There's some new research on dance and sexual attractiveness:
The results showed that women gave the highest attractiveness ratings to men with the highest levels of prenatal testosterone. The men with the lowest testosterone in turn got the lowest attractiveness ratings. "Men can communicate their testosterone levels through the way they dance," Lovatt told SPIEGEL ONLINE. "And women understand it -- without noticing it."
...The men who got the female students hot under the collar danced with large movements which were "complexly coordinated." But it's a fine line between hot and not, however: Those men who made big moves but who were less coordinated came across as dominant alpha males -- and were unlikely to win women's hearts. The researchers also found that the size and complexity of the dance moves decreased in parallel with testosterone levels.

So women fall for men who dance with 'large movements' that are 'complexly coordinated'? Of course they do - who could deny it after seeing this?


malty said...

Baryshnikov, now he had big movements, as did Nureyev, both in full view of course.
The fact that at least one of them was a raving poofter blows that theory out of the water.
Little Leo Sayer pranced all over the stage with expansive gestures surely not many burdz were turned on by him.

Personally I have found that the twist gets 'em going, the little ravers, has worked ever since first practiced in the sixties, its the hip swivel that's the clincher, ask Elvis, Chubby Checker and Travolta.

Besides, isn't testosterone something to do with Toblerone?

Gadjo Dilo said...

Ricky Gervais's dance does test the theory somewhat, but I seem to remember that Brent does score at the end of The Office (but then Gevais wrote the script... maybe that's the only sure-fire way to turn women on).

worm said...

It's a fact that men over about 6 foot 2 shouldn't attempt any large dance movements, for both safety and dignity

Sophie King said...

I have to concur with Worm. I went to a Burns night supper on Saturday. There were a lot of large, enthusiastic Sassenachs squashed into a fairly small space making many large movements, not all of them co-ordinated. I got away quite lightly with a severely bruised left foot and a ripped skirt. Others were not so lucky.

Gaw said...

Malty: I don't think little Leo had much rhythm in his dancing of the night away. And it's the coordination that's key.

I'm approaching the age where a hip swivel is more likely to be an injury rather than a dance move.

Gadjo: I'm sure a lot of authoring is a form of wish fulfillment, ensuring you get the girl.

Worm: I guess you speak from bitter experience? Or are you on the cusp?

Sophie: Sounds terrifying, like a scene out of Braveheart.

worm said...

bitter experience I'm afraid. I'm 3 inches over the height restriction, and if I were to 'throw some shapes' on the dancefloor, people would be maimed