Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Mourning on the streets of Hawick...

'And they'll be mourning on the streets of Hawick about this tonight [and elsewhere, too].'

That's an adaptation of one of his trademark phrases. Another one was: 'some ill-mannered whistling from the crowd there'. He always pointed that out, God bless him.


Brit said...

Sad news - his voice used to be one of the best things about the 6 Nations.

Rory Bremner will miss him - "and they'll be dancing in the streets" was always a key hook on which Rory could hang one of his pieces of unfunny political satire.

worm said...

thats sad - he was one of more immitated voices at my school (the only time we were allowed to watch television was 6 nations rugby matches)

Sean said...

The perfect voice for Rugby. As too Bill Threlfall for tennis and Peter Alliss in Golf.

Always reminded me of Dads Armys private "we are all doomed" Frazer.

Rugby is a game that teeters on the edge of chaos and having a voice like a Scottish undertaker helps remind you of that fact.

Sadly it seems we all are doomed.

Gaw said...

Another good little phrase, which I think captures the mostly harmless nature of rugby scraps:

'A little argy-bargy there.'

Lovely rolling 'r's!

malty said...

One of life's gentlemen, in the clubhouse after the Melrose Sevens he would always insist upon paying his round, funny thing is, never saw him down much. I remember the first time one of the Stellenbosch teams played, he was stood there in the middle of what appeared to be a bunch of blonde seven feet tall stokers off the Scharnhorst, they obviously in awe, his reputation truly international.
There will be much greetin' in Hawick tonight.

malty said...

Mind you, they are a right miserable bunch in Hawick, never mention the fact that you are from Melrose, lynching's occur, only decent Homebase in the Borders, if we can use the words decent and Homebase in the same sentence.