Friday, 29 January 2010

What - comes next?

As someone who watches the news quite closely, I found this v funny:

A perfect nailing, I think you'll agree. But, as with all satirists of TV news, Charlie Brooker is doomed to do no more than rewrite The Day Today, one of the most scarily prophetic bits of television ever. My favourite bit is six minutes in. Ich nichten lichten!

H/t Alex Massie.


Anonymous said...

Very funny. But he does have the structure wrong.

Dowdy Kitchen Man must always come FIRST. It's the law. And to introduce him you must have one of the following:

1) Dowdy Kitchen Man boils kettle and makes cup of tea in Dowdy Kitchen

2) Dowdy Kitchen Man looks back at photos of less dowdy and happier times

You may ONLY begin with establishing Canary Wharf shots if it's an economy piece.

Sean said...

Dowdy Kitchen Man does have a point.

Gaw said...

Perhaps that's why he should come first?

Sean said...

It would be too short "its just news" might be too shocking and not entertaining enough for todays twitter generation.