Monday, 1 February 2010

Automatic story generation using blog themes

This is surely the perfect fusion of the various concerns of Brit, Nige and Appleyard: respectively, the rubbishness of contemporary poetry, the updating of the haiku form and quantum physics.

And, looking up, this might be the perfect place to point it out, linked as they are by sheep. It's all a load of bollocks, naturally.

H/t Marginal Revolution.

UPDATE: Aerial photography also plays a part, which echoes another blog's concerns. I still may be only scratching the surface...


worm said...

These poems, would they be pastoral or a Baallad? And written in i-lambic pentameter I presume

Anonymous said...

The Ovine Cantos?

Recusant said...

Oh, very good Worm.

malty said...

Blimey, we lived within spitting distance of that farm, just south of Morpeth, didn't look like that thirteen years ago, guess they are diversifying, grants and all that don't y'know.
Sheep around there are either tups or yows so marked either with a T or Y, sort of has it's limitations, poetry wise.

They may well have taken a leaf out of Morgensterns book...

Das Mondschaf steht auf weiter Flur.
Es harrt und harrt der großen Schur.
Das Mondschaf.

Das Mondschaf rupft sich einen Halm

und geht dann heim auf seine Alm.

Das Mondschaf.

Das Mondschaf spricht zu sich im Traum:
„Ich bin des Weltalls dunkler Raum.“
Das Mondschaf.

Das Mondschaf liegt am Morgen tot.

Sein Leib ist weiß, die Sonn ist rot.
Das Mondschaf.

Or, as the Geordies would say..

The Moonsheep stands on a wide clearing.
It awaits and awaits the great shearing.
The Moonsheep.

The Moonsheep plucks itself a straw.
And then goes home to its mountain pasture.
The Moonsheep.

The Moonsheep speaks to itself in dream:
"I am the cosmos' dark space."
The Moonsheep.

The Moonsheep lies in the morning dead.
His body is white, the sun is red.
The Moonsheep.

No, I don't know either.

Gaw said...

Ewe lot really are silly flockers - wool you please stop trying to ram all those lamb-entable puns into your comments? It's just sheep and doesn't impress anyhorn.

Malty, I knew something about a Moonsheep once. But I can't remember what it was.

malty said...

Gaw, it wheeltappers and shunters ever resurfaces, apply.