Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A British Palin

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Promptly following my questioning why there wasn't a British Tea Party movement (shamelessly ripped off by Simon Jenkins), here comes Daniel Hannan volunteering to lead one. But does he have what it takes to be the British Sarah Palin?


malty said...

Seems like a nice boy, can we Photoshop his napper onto Arnie's bod?

Gaw said...

Cor, wouldn't they make a lovely couple then? Alternatively, his napper could be photoshopped onto her body.

Sadly, we do not possess the technology over here to do either.

Sean said...

Interesting that the telepromter Kids dont like Palin using crib sheets written on the hand.

You can smell the class warfare from this side off the Atlantic.

Gaw said...

Sean: Sarah Palin is a middle class millionaire. She's charismatic, unscrupulous and motivated; she's also a bit thick.

BTW why is it that people assume the working class only like the thick? And even if there's some truth in that, why's does anybody think it might be a good thing?

Sean said...

She maybe a middle class millionaire, but that does not stop the elite especially in the US Press doing snobbish at her.

As for being a bit thick, if its a choice between the intellectuals and the "thick", I will go for the thick, and I think that sort of answers your question.

Sean said...

...polpot being a good highly French educated example, for one.

Gaw said...

My point about Palin is that she's a phony and a demagogue.

And why would you think the only alternative to Palin is an intellectual? If you're really lucky the alternative might be someone like Margaret Thatcher or Winston Churchill. If you're not so lucky it's someone like John Major or Jim Callaghan. If you're unlucky it's someone like John Prescott.

None of them are intellectuals and all of them are preferable to Palin as none of them are in possession of all of her attributes: they're not unprincipled, thick, ignorant, and dangerously, charismatically demagogues.

Vern said...

I think you've been reading too much Andrew Sullivan, Gaw. He still bangs on about her Down Syndrome baby by the way, which makes him an unprincipled, unscrupulous demagogue in my book.

I'm no fan of La Palin, but I don't think she's any less principled than the vast majority of politicians on capitol hill. EG- Obama sat in a race baiters church for 20 years and then claimed he never hard a single bit of race baiting. He's lying. I also struggle with descriptions of Palin as 'dangerous'. I just don't see it.

Hannan is far more intelligent, not charismatic and lacks the populist touch. Also, he's not very attractive. On the other hand, Glen Beck and Sean Hannity do love him.

Vern said...

Sorry for the typos in the last comment.

Gadjo Dilo said...

I'm graaaaadually beginning to understand this Tea Party thing, and I'm beginning to enjoy it. Of course, to complete their act any British Tea Patriers should dress up like Mohawks like their American coumnterparts did, or the British equivalent, which may be The Welsh, though I'm not entirely sure.

Gaw said...

Vern: Palin is an extremist. If McCain had won she might have become President. She's probably the front-running Republican nominee. She's got the full backing (and is an employee) of purportedly the most trusted TV news organisation in the US. She's the de facto leader of the Tea Party movement which is behind the planned and actual deselection of dozens of elected Republicans and their replacement by their nominees.

From over here (with that caveat throughout) there looks as if there has to be some chance of her being the Republican nominee in 2012. And if there's some wild card incident she might become President (might, possibly might). This is fairly scary.

Hannan is very divisive. But I think he and his mucker, Douglas Carswell, have a lot of good, liberal, democratic ideas (in our sense of those words!). I do struggle with his Fox love-ins however.

Gadjo: I like the Welsh touch. It could all be a bit like the Rebecca Riots - which offer added British cross-dressing camp.

Vern said...

Not a chance Palin will become president in 2012, and tho' she is an employee of Fox News so is Howard Dean's ex-campaign manager and a multitude of other Democrats. They are gentle on her, but every other channel is vicious so I think that balances things out, more or less.

Meanwhile I'm not aware of any terribly extreme things she did in Alaska, or calls for the violent overthrow of the government, etc. She's a demagogue, but who isn't in US politics? (Change, Hope blah-de- blah).

Meanwhile the Tea Party is a loose, disconnected movement filled with people who disagree with each other. EG Andrew Breitbart attacked some idiot Birthers over the weekend and so on.

I don't see a difference between right Republicans trying to deselect people they don't like the left Democrats in Connecticut trying to deselect Joe Lieberman. Indeed, if the Repubs insist on swinging to the hard right, they'll lose. End of story.

Besides, the Republicans are disorganised and inept. They have no leadership. The real question is how the Democrats, with the presidency and (until recently) a super majority are incapable of governing effectively.
Contrary to the myth put about by some types, it was Democrats who stalled the health bill, and who were stalling the Cap and Trade legislation. Obama can't control his own party.

When they are wiped out in November, it won't be because of a right wing Oprah figure like Palin but because of their indiscipline and total disconnect from the public.

However, I also like Dan Hannan. And he does at least squirm a bit when Beck tosses him an outrageous statement to agree with.

Gaw said...

Your version of events sounds quite compelling, Vern. I used to travel regularly to the US and used to talk frequently with Americans, some of whom were friends. Now I don't, I haven't got any feel for the place and tend to go along with the last compelling argument I've heard (that is with the exception of questions concerning torture and US policy in the Middle East, two issues that transcend day-to-day domestic American politics).

Anyway, I hope you're right about Palin. It'll all be very interesting and instructive to see how it turns out.

Vern said...

I'm just not that worried about these people. The rhetoric is heated on both sides, but a lot of it is blather. And the aforementioned Andrew Breitbart said after Palin got the Fox job that she'd make a good conservative Oprah but a lousy president. I think that's her more probably career trajectory.

Hey Skipper said...


Vern: Palin is an extremist.

As governor of Alaska, she was neither extremist or demagogue.

IIRC, after the Ft Hood shootings, you assumed the worst about Palin.

Which, IIRC, completely failed to materialize.

Gaw said...

Skip: I'll be genuinely interested to see how things turn out. I hope you and Vern are right.

Anonymous said...

As governor of Alaska, she was neither extremist or demagogue.

Nor stupid.

Gaw said...

Peter: I agree she's not stupid, just a bit thick. Slightly thick people, when they have an eye for the main chance allied to low cunning, can run rings around the rest of us.

I'm not sure there was much damage she could do in Alaska. Being British my main concerns are with what her foreign policy might turn out like. Torture and bombing would feature quite prominently, I fear.

Hey Skipper said...

I'm not sure there was much damage she could do in Alaska.

Or as an Illinois state senator.

The point here is not how much damage she could do, but how she conducted herself while in office.

Hey Skipper said...

BTW, I forgot to add:

Is there anything nearly so objectionable as a Rev Wright in Palin's past?

Gaw said...

Skip: You suppose her record is a recommendation? And why is the point not what damage she might do in office? I thought that was an obvious question to try to answer when putting a politician into power?

Perhaps one point about Wright was that he was abjured - but then he was pretty indefensible. But I think the rest of Obama's cv offset this doubtful bit. His conduct in office has certainly confirmed that he's sensible.