Saturday, 20 February 2010

Exciting plinth detail

I went by train to the East Midlands yesterday. For the bit I went to you leave from St Pancras, a station that still takes my breath away. It seems an incongruously glamorous and dramatic point of departure to what must be one of England's most humdrum and boring regions (sorry). St Pancras for Paris and, er, Leicester.

I'd arranged to meet a colleague beneath the beautiful clock and next to the house-sized statue 'The Meeting Place' (right). The more I see this the more I like it. It's gross and a bit vulgar and it seems the plinth is even better. I hadn't noticed before but it's surrounded with highly detailed, intricately miniature, station-related scenes. They play with perspective and scale to striking effect.

One of the dozen or so is shown below. Slatternly women in tight skirts and Samuel Beckett lookalikes abound for some reason - surely good things. You can find a couple more here (however, I can't find pictures of the best). Well worth taking a look at if you're in the station.

H/t for the plinth detail Silvertiger.


worm said...

I've never actually been inside st.pancras (old or new) as I've never had cause to go to the east midlands...The main sculpture looks pretty bad...too realistic in its clothing details - which I suppose means that its going to date terribly quickly. On reflection this might be a good thing because in 50 years time people might find their boring naughties outfits cute and old fashioned

Gaw said...

The clothes look old-fashioned. It's as if the couple have stepped out of an Orwell or Graham Greene novel. So I guess this already makes the statue look dated - or classic. Take your pick.

I'm beginning to think the statue is so gopping that it's rather good. Good-bad.

Sean said...

The New St.P is an absolute wonder, but I loved the older one more. The new one is there in your face, the older one you had to get stuck at St.P for a delay to discover it, a bit like Bradford, which is probably the most Beautiful city in Britain.

Yes I know, Meadowhall is a zoo just like every other modern shopping mall in the world, but I promise you unadulterated joy.

Ive selected the worst foto I can find, you will have to take my word for it, it needs to be seen in real life.

I am off on a trip Tomorrow, involving the uplifting points of arrival and departure, Manchester, Dubai, Cairo, and Melbourne Airports, if only they were all like St.P's you would never have jet lag, I dont think Ive every been to a beautiful airport. But yesterday I went to a very beautiful car park.

I will be back to anoy in 6 weeks enjoy your break :0)

Sean said...

Sorry I forgot, You and Brit might be interested in This

Glad he won, Mr Jennings is a very nice man indeed.

Gaw said...

I never saw the old St P but I did drive through Bradford once, arriving via the moors having driven over from Blackburn. The whole drive was dramatic and I was bowled over by Bradford. Unfortunately we couldn't stop. I noted a report shortly afterwards about them creating some sort of lake in the middle. Don't know what came of it.

Stansted was good just after it was built. It was huge and empty.

Glad that sculptor won - I like his Betjeman in St Pancras. What a beer belly (or was it a cake belly?).

Have a good trip - but it sounds a marathon. Spreading the gospel according to St Sean. BTW what do you do? Some sort of civil engineering?

Sean said...

In general terms Garth, I and my Pikey mates take things apart and sometimes put them back together again, (like railway station roofs) and sometimes blow things up with high explosives. Salvage what we can and clean up afterwards. Well I say I, I usually stay by the phone and read the daily library that Health and Safety post me.

The trip is our 23rd year of loving bliss tour, a sail down the nile, Luxor, camping in the desert with the Bedouin, (She will of course be covered and in the ladies tent, I will be hubbly bulbing with the blokes, As it should be) the red sea, a Coptic monastery, then on to Melbourne where the rhapsody that is my wife comes, check on our son to see if he is remaining sober and solvent during his studies, and he is not causing too much distress the the young bikini clad ladies of St Kilda. Watch Lewis win and come home to a demolition job by the rest of our jolly crowd of followers (in fact make that nine weeks)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Luxor, Sean.