Monday, 1 February 2010

Four Weddings, a Funeral and some thoughts

Topical as ever, here are some random thoughts on watching Four Weddings and a Funeral for the nth time (but not for a while):

- Why does Hugh Grant fancy the ghastly Andie McDowell so much, at best the third most beautiful potential partner in the film?

- Why does he think twice about marrying Kristin Scott Thomas, the second most beautiful? When I first watched it I thought this was unjustifiable on grounds of beauty. But now the script tells me she's sister to the 'richest man in England' my thinking has moved onto other, more practical grounds.

- It's a terrible shame the most beautiful, Charlotte Coleman, died so young. She had real filmic charisma and, I feel sure, had some incredible work ahead of her.

- The gay couple would probably have had one of the weddings rather than the funeral if it were filmed today.

- What razor does Hugh Grant use? I've never seen such a pristinely hairless jowl. And hairless chest. (Or was he an early-adopting waxer?)

- Weddings are so awful: hot wool, airless marquees, boring guests, long days, tearful and hysterical drunkenness, awful bands.

- Everyone used to have hair like Tony Blair. Now only Tony Blair does. Is this why he's no longer in power?

- T and I first saw this as a young couple. Kids change just everything.

- Can you have a good romantic comedy now we all have mobile phones? So much turns on not being able to communicate.

- It's actually very funny and charming. And I'm not surprised lefties hated it being as it is so full of nice-looking, posh people agonising over mostly trivial problems (or at least the sort of trivial problems that would occupy a Jane Austen).

- Good use of fuck throughout - particularly fond of 'fuck-a-doodle-do'.


dearieme said...

We like it too; we amuse ouselves further by booing when "the ghastly Andie McDowell" appears, and cheer for the amusing James Fleet. As for the poor girl who will go through life known forever as "duck face"......

Gadjo Dilo said...

I can't say I was a huge fan of 4WaaF - partly a Hugh Grant aversion - but I wholly concur with you about the beauty thing. Only women (and specifically women who buy beauty products) think Andie McDowell is attractive; Kirsten Scott-Thomas is to die for and I'd have been perfectly happy marrying "Duck-Face", if only to annoy those who'd called her that. Agree with dearieme, James Fleet is always very watchable.

Sophie King said...

My boyfriend at the time preferred Kristen, as did all the other blokes I knew. There was something glacial yet vulnerable about her character which I think was rather appealing. And she had nicer clothes than Andie. And even bigger hats. In fact, the thing that dates the film most of all is the clothing. Why did we wear so much droopy, drapey material? Ghastly.

Brit said...

Yes, Duckface is preferable to McDowell, which does undermine a key element of the plot. It's got more charming and less funny with the years, I think. Some of it unbearably cringeworthy - the 'skulking' exchange and the worst of Hugh's 'endearing' stammering...

Brit said...

KST sure is an ice-cold hottie...

Gaw said...

Dearieme: I like the introduction of the panto element. I wonder whether the moniker 'duck face' did affect her career?

Gadjo: You're right I was too kind to AMD. She's at best fourth most attractive (and even falls below some of Hugh's ex-girlfriends).

Sophie: Wearing woolen trousers and coat, I envied you ladies your droopy, loose clothing. Consider yourself lucky.

Brit: It's actually all the bits featuring AMD that are cringe-worthy. I think it's because we're embarrassed at how undeserving she is of HG's embarrassment. 'You're too good for her, love', we'd say if we were his Mum.

The flaw of having AMD being repellent is unintentionally clever. As Dearieme points out it permits a bit of panto-style audience involvement.

I still think little Charlotte outshines them all. She'd be the most fun, that's for sure. And to use a favourite phrase of my great-grandmother's: she wouldn't kick you out of bed for farting.

worm said...

I've managed to purposefully avoid all these Richard Curtis things

Andy McDowell looks like she's trying to swallow a coat hanger

malty said...

Pity any cast playing alongside Simon Callow, about as much chance as an inquiry panel against a Blair.
Attractive though Mcdowell is, doesn't prevent her from vying with Fonda for the title of America's most wooden actress. The film most notable for the John Hannah funeral rendition, Hannah one of the best actors to come out of the RSAMD, sadly it's focus now heavily weighed in favour of music, been going downhill since it was ran by a dreadfull American who thoght she was running a Scottish Juilliard school.

Scott-Thomas a bit of a poo face though but, needs the attention of a northerner one suspects.

Sophie, I thought the schmutter of that eara rather, well, fetching.

dearieme said...

Charlotte Coleman - aha, didn't she do a good turn in an Inspector Morse, where she murdered the Geraldine McEwan character?

And that was before it became obvious that Ms McEwan deserved a grisly death for her over-mannered Miss Marple.

Gaw said...

Worm: Wise, on the whole. FWAAF and Blackadder are the only ones of his I like.

Malty: Simon Callow and my old man are the spitting image of each other in that film. It's quite disturbing.

Dearieme: Didn't catch the Morse. She first made an impression on me in 'Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit'. T remembers her as someone called Marmalade Atkins.

GOR said...

Brilliant observation GAW.I too thought the same as you but assumed that I was out of step with the rest of my gender. I would add that if the film is good enough it can overcome the AMD effect. I refer of course to 'Groundhog day'

Gaw said...

Welcome GOR! AMD - not an Actress of Mass Destruction, more like an Actress of Mediocre Desirability.