Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Ray of light?

Ray Gosling, eh? I had an inkling that this sort of thing happened a lot more often than is reported.

Ray should have waited to confess until he was pretty much on his deathbed. The perfect getaway: the police can't get you there. But I suppose you have to be wary about leaving it too late - someone might help you along your way before you're quite ready.


Sean said...

Have they established who the "victim" was? pretty crucial to the case I should think.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Can't help hoping that he gets away with it - the prisons are awfully full these days.

Recusant said...

Can't help hoping the complete opposite Gadjo. Of course it would never happen: the Beeb and its fellow travellers would never allow one of their own to pay the price of breaching what they clearly now see as a law to be done away with.

Brit said...

If there's a slippery slope anywhere in this world, this is that slippery slope.

jonathan law said...

I heard the Gosling interview the other morning and my immediate, intuitive, perhaps 180-degrees wrong response was: I don't believe a word of this story. Certainly, if this was a police procedural you'd discount the guy's evidence at once -- something about the missing details and the weird, self-dramatizing delivery. Either way, he seems to be a very strange man, our Ray.

Gaw said...

Sean: No - I suspect we've been led a false trail.

Gadjo: Hard cases make bad law, as they say (or is it 'nut cases'?).

Recusant: Whilst The Beeb, of course, is monolithically hegemonic in British culture I don't think they nobble judges.

Brit: I think you're right. Very queasy-making.

Jonathan: I agree. It just didn't sound right to me too, for reasons I can't precisely identify. However, I suspect the act happened it's just the victim, illness and venue were invented or taken from another situation.

BTW Gosling seemed to excuse it partly with reference to coming from the rough, old city of Nottingham, a place I shall take extra care to avoid in future.

Sean said...

Maybe so Garth, but maybe we are all wrong and in the end he is an honest guy who wants to get something of his chest, honest guys tend to do that sort of thing.

He comes over to me in interviews as a troubled man, rather than an attention seeking publicist.

I hope I am strong enough to do the deed myself and save everyone the pain.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Crime passionnel. I haven't studied this subject in depth, and though my brain says that this is indeed a horrifically slippery slope, my heart would rather see our prisons full of people who might commit further crimes upon us and I rather suspect this guy won't. Am agreeing with Sean on this one.