Saturday, 20 March 2010


Whilst we're on horses I thought I'd introduce my favourite breed, the Welsh Cob. I'm not a horsey person at all but these creatures are magnificent. We used to have a couple on the farm until quite recently. Thankfully, given their size and musculature, they usually have wonderful temperaments; they also happen to be very easy to look after, being bred hardy to cope with a year-round life on the Welsh hills.

I have a wonderful photo of my Nain taken when she was a slip of a young woman. She's smiling shyly into the camera despite sitting confidently on one of these glossy beasts. But absent that, here are some amazing pictures from the running of the Section D Cob stallions at the Royal Welsh Show. Don't people look pathetically mean and shabby in relation to them? Another echo of the sentiment to be found in 'The Horses' from yesterday's post.

A comment on the site hosting these pictures:
i had a beautifull cob lovley brown colour named fulshedd he was gawjess xx


Sophie King said...

My great aunt Ruth used to breed Welsh cobs on her farm near Tregaron. The stallion, Merlin, was a majestic bay with a very gentle temperament and when I was younger I thought he was the most handsome creature I had ever seen. Cobs are often cross-bred with more thoroughbred types to produce hunters and driving horses with great stamina and 'bottom'. It really pains me that I now have an allergy to horses so extreme that I can't even be in the same room as somebody wearing their riding kit.

worm said...

what a barrel-chested beastie!

I have a strong aversion to horses, brought about by the fact that every woman in my family is totally horse mad. Every conversation at every meal is normally about 40% horse related :(

They just seem like very big expensive rabbits to me.

dearieme said...

I have a strong aversion to horses, brought about by one of them teaching me to backsomersault, using the hoof-to-mouth method.

Gaw said...

Sophie: We've exchanged experiences in Tregaron before - even more magical with the cobs! Awful about the allergy.

Worm: I like the analogy. But how expensive would a rabbit be if we had to stable them? Think of the carrots for starters. Would be hell of a ride, mind.

Dearieme: Ouch. I think a similar thing happened to me. My Dad thought it would be a good idea to teach my brother and me to ride by having us help to break in a couple of ponies he'd got cheap. I chiefly recall the smell of camomile inhaled whilst recovering from regular tumbles onto a stony bridlepath.