Monday, 1 March 2010

How many ways...

Three headlines on my iGoogle page:

'UK Pound Drops on Election Fears' (BBC)

'Sterling Tumbles on Weak Housing Demand' (Times)

'Pound Slides on Recession Fears' (Daily Telegraph)

At first I thought this demonstrated how no-one knows the truth behind the rise and fall of currencies, bonds and shares. But then I realised it's also demonstrating that there any number of reasons to believe we're screwed.


dearieme said...

What were the consequences of Bantu Imperialism in Africa? I hope he's not the sort of racist who objects solely to European Imperialism.

Gaw said...

Dearieme: I believe I may have sold you a dummy (this comment must be for my later post).

His standpoint probably is as depressingly flimsy and disingenuous as you suggest.

The more I think about his view of toleration the more I think it's emblematic of why Africa's politics are so fucked-up. It's a bit like post-Soviet Russia: ideas are ideology - they're about power. I think we can imagine how such an appreciation of human rights might be applied if it were empowered.

(I have to caveat this by saying I haven't read any Soyinka outside what I can find online and that he may have had a massive off-day. But I doubt it).