Monday, 15 March 2010

In their sleep

An interesting question from Eddie Butler's Breakdown email:
As for Wales, Paul Wallace summed it up for me when the old Ireland prop and brother of David said that if there is a list of five things, in rising order of difficulty, that you have to tick off in order to become a top team, then Wales can do four and five without difficulty. It's just they can't master the simpler requirements on one, two, three. They can run but not walk.
Which just leaves the question: would you prefer to be England, who can do the first three things in their sleep, but can't get their heads around four and five, or Wales?

Another question might be: who would you prefer to watch? Obvious, really. It's not just the England team who do the 'first three things in their sleep'.


Sir Watkin said...

So true.

And not just of rugby, but arguably a national characteristic. Suppose that's why the Saxons conquered us, not we them.

Gaw said...

Interesting point there. A nation that has (or had?) an abundance of poetry, song, music, statesmen, soldiers and so on - but no state, nor its appurtenances (until recently).