Friday, 19 March 2010

Tweedy breeders

A strange sight at Paddington yesterday. Herds of waxy, betweeded creatures were being shepherded into pens in readiness for transport westwards. (Is this entirely humane? Indeed, is it legal?)

Apparently it's part of a pattern of annual migratory activity whereby solitary, rustic creatures from all over the British Isles flock to a field near Cheltenham where they feast on horseflesh. Presumably, it's all to do with breeding.


worm said...

ah, donkey walloping.

Brit said...

I went to Cheltenham on New Year's Day last year and came away £300 quid up. This year I watched it on the telly, placed a single bet and came in at 9-1. I have nothing at all cynical or snarky to say about Cheltenham races.