Sunday, 11 April 2010

Aggrieved seafood-loving operatic tigers

A nice bit of inadvertent surrealism (from here):
Philip Hope-Wallace...was a particular victim of misprints... Owing to the nature of his work as, at various periods, theatre, music and opera critic...the bulk of his writing was dictated over the telephone. [H]is own favourite...concerned his description of a Tosca as being 'like a tigress robbed of her whelps.' The editor, possibly Lady Rhondda, who for a time owned and edited the paper and was an early feminist, changed 'tigress' to 'tiger' and 'her' to 'his'. The printer, on his own initiative, then changed, 'whelps' to 'whelks'. So Tosca appeared 'like a tiger robbed of his whelks'.


Gadjo Dilo said...

Perfectly plausable: I imagine that many East End geezers would be quite agitated after such an misfortune!

Brit said...

I think we've all felt like a tiger robbed of his whelks at one time or another.