Monday, 26 April 2010

The child on the Highbury omnibus

T. overheard on the bus this morning a group of secondary school children on the way to the local comp discussing the rise of the Lib Dems. A heated and fairly well-informed debate was conducted on change, PR, and the policy on Trident. Not the usual bus experience and nice to see the engagement. The rise of the Lib Dems is a good thing.


worm said...

Maybe they were actors, paid to enhance the LibDem brand by talking about it in public - it's the new advertising doncha know, I think they call them 'brand ambassadors'


...or they could of course just be trying to mess with peoples heads, and as soon as T was out of earshot they reverted to talking about Nintendos, fannies and stabbing.

Gaw said...

Wow. That really is very creepy. It should be legal to do horrid things to such people. Pour full-fat sticky Coke down their backs on a really hot day for instance.