Sunday, 18 April 2010


I bumped into a heavily pregnant neighbour yesterday in the local deli-cafe (the baby's due on Wednesday). Given the venue, I wondered whether she was experiencing any cravings. Not really, she answered, except for one that had come upon her very recently: she fancied tasting the cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland. She imagined it would have a sulphurous flavour.

The volcano story has been comprehensively - if not exhaustively - covered. But not from this angle as far as I'm aware. Is an expert available to explain?


Gadjo Dilo said...

I am an expert - though not, admittedly, in any subject that is relevant to the subject at hand - and am available to explain that clearly your neighbour has recently exhausted all the tasty and exotic comestibles your local deli-cafe has to offer and is as a result suffering from the early stages of Give-Me-The-Moon Syndrome. Fortunately, the arrival of her baby on Wednesday should provide some respite by way of taking her mind off it.

Gaw said...

Thanks Gadj. I have visions of her traversing the cloud sucking up dust as a whale does plankton.