Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter loveliness

Yesterday morning saw our boys' nursery's Grand Easter Parade and Egg Hunt. The focal point was the garden square round the corner from us. Thankfully, the weather was beautiful.

Each class of children had its signature seasonal accoutrement, from yellow bonnets to hand baskets sporting colourful tissue paper rosettes to decorated bunny masks:

As you can see it all looked idyllically and memorably cute. The only thing it lacked was skipping lambs and fluffy chicks.

The idyll didn't last long though - it was dark and wet by about five as thunderstorms struck. Roll on summer.


Sean said...

I was just glad to see the snow again,nothing beats fresh cool air.

No sign of any cherry blossom in
these parts, but the Herons have set up a nursery in the woods opposite, and a few frisky Pigeons need shooting before bedtime.

I would say 21st of April for the swallows and 6th May for the swifts, spring starts between those two events.

No Good Boyo said...

Just back from the Norfolk/Suffolk coast, where we must have had the best of the weather. Nice to get back to fields of daffs, though but.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Did the bunny masks disintegrate in the rain to form paper-mache masks over the small children's faces rather like Tutankhamon's? (Sorry, I don't mean to be morbid or anything, I just had some rather bad dreams last night...)

Gaw said...

Sean: Welcome back! You chose a very good winter to head off to the Middle East and Oz. How was the trip?

Boyo: I'm glad it was nice for you. It were shite here. That square near us is packed with daffs in places - quite dazzling when the sun comes out.

Gadjo: At least you didn't think of Donny Darko, which is what was haunting my appreciation of those masks!

Sean said...

Great thanks, especially now that I have had 3 days sleep to get over the jet lag :0)