Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A great thing

Recusant informs us that the cider tax will be repealed. He's right. It was the hammer blow from Hardy which did it, I'm sure - it's amazing what a spot of morbid reflection can do.

Anyway, I think a monument (as per this one (below), adverted to by Jonathan) is in order to mark the victory and to honour the protest's informal leaders, the Wurzels. How about a 100ft tall set of steel combine harvester keys? We could erect them somewhere off the motorway near Swindon. I'll get on to Mark Wallinger.


Sean said...

Ask Mark to knock out a 100ft high toilet basin with speckled sickly yellow bits running down the side to remind folks only drunks, kids and students drink cider, along with the chavs, the underclass and new labour youth, who by and large drink and sniff most stuff that comes out of the off licence and hardware store.

Lets face facts Cider is shit, and folks only like it because it reminds people of the first time they got their toy railway engine in their sisters best friends railway station, they tend to blank the fact that it was late arriving or that it needed an awful lot of shunting.

Gaw said...

Think of the orchards, Sean.

Recusant said...

Sean's right. Partly. Most cider is shit and only fit to be drunk by those he lists. But, then again, most cider isn't cider. However, if he nips down to his supermarket - Waitrose has a great range - and buys himself a bottle of Dunkertons or a Weston's perry, he might change his mind.

The truth is that cider, or maybe all alcohol, is wasted on those under forty.

worm said...

blimey Recusant! As a 32 year old, I can confirm that I never waste a drop of alcohol!

but I will go on record as saying that I am definately not a fan of cider

Recusant said...

Just drawing the ladder up behind me Worm. Seems to be the done thing nowadays.

Sean said...

Think of the Milk tokens (yup they still exist) that poor people are desperately trying to sell cheap for a little beer money, 50p in the pound is the current rate I am told.

It will take more than a few poems to get me up for scrumpy.

I know its an election budget sop, but they are really scraping the barrel on this can they be that dumb?

Gadjo Dilo said...

The cider tax should be irrelevant because if Britons had any sense they'd be making the stuff at home, like my dad used to do, for free. (Admittedly, though, he then added grape concentrate to it, stuck it in old Guinness bottles and passed it off as Champagne, which was not very Wurzle of him.)

Gaw said...

Recusant and worm: I would say drink has a wholly-different quality and purpose for the under- as opposed to the over-40s. I certainly drink different stuff, in different places, to a different end nowadays.

Sean: I can't see how deterring a form of domestic economic activity is going to help the poor.

Gadjo: Ah, you're old dad obviously had social pretensions! I bet he drove a John Deere.

BTW my Taid used to make elderflower champagne which was really quite delicious. I haven't come across it since.