Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Southern Soul 1st XI

1. Goalkeeper - Percy Sledge.

2. Right-Back - Donald 'Duck' Dunn. (One of the MGs, who I've picked en masse as a very tight back four.)

3. Left-Back - Al Jackson.

4. Centre-Back - Booker T Washington.

5. Centre-Back - Steve Cropper.

6. Centre-Midfield - Otis Redding (capt.).

7. Right-Midfield - Sam.

8. Left-Midfield - Dave.

9. Centre-Forward - Sam Cooke.

10. Forward - Joe Tex.

11. Forward - James Brown. See here.

On the bench you'd have Rufus Thomas (Defender), Al Green (Forward - no team could accommodate three forwards like Sam Cooke, James Brown and Al Green; AG would come on for the last twenty), Arthur Conley (Midfield), Solomon Burke (Midfield), Eddie Floyd (Defender/Midfield).

I feel bad about leaving Aretha out. But it's not just because she's a woman - I mean, where would she play?

They could meet Motown's 1st XI in the final of the World Soul Football Cup at Wigan Athletic's DW Stadium.

Could be one in a series... to be followed by the Heavy Metal RFC's 1st XV, Punk Rock's village cricket XI and Britpop's field hockey 1st XI.

H/t That Python sketch.


Sean said...

No doubt that Brooker T and the Mg's "Green Onions" will be the pre match anthem?

This is a link

Gadjo Dilo said...

Solid! But I'd have thought Percy Sledge would be a cricketer, a wicket-keeper, and I'd have also employed the four girls of Sister Sledge crowded around the bat in close catching positions, giving the batsman the verbals, if you see what I'm getting at.

zmkc said...

The last time I spotted Aretha, she seemed to have grown big enough to cover the entire field. But as I have no idea what sport you are talking about - or anything about any sport - I'm not sure whether this would be an advantage

Brit said...

I see Sam Cooke on the left wing. Chilled and skilled but can't be arsed to track back.

Gaw said...

Sean: What a sturdy, sensibly-dressed set of wholesome gals they had there.

Gadjo: Good point. And isn't Percy a great name?

z: Quite - hence my controversial decision to not play her. Footie, by the way - soccer.

Brit: One of the advantages of having the hard-working, conscientious Sam and Dave on either side of midfield is to cover for the odd bit of inevitable show-boating from the forwards.