Thursday, 6 May 2010

Be damned

Still typing by jabbing at the keys. So, laboriously (as ever, some might say)...

Here's a topical election poem by RS. Well it's topical apart from the dated characterisations (or caricatures). I can't say I sympathise with the conclusion but I do like the idea of being 'damned for your own sake'.

He has the vote 
and a stupendous future
awaits this little-- 
     VOTE TORY--this little
nation of . . . . What does crachach
     (Every drop
           of water is worth its weight
           in tears, but they are running
           out now like the variations on
           the cynghanedd.)
LABOUR and protect
your class. There is an aristocracy
of the pit, too.
                        VOTE LIBERAL
and allow England to enjoy
your prospects.
                   VOTE PLAID, mun
and be damned for your own sake.

For whatever reason seems valid to you, do make sure you damn yourself today.


worm said...

I can't vote! stupid *@$£* cut-off date! The election shall have to go on without me. - oh well at least if dave wins and then screws everything up, I can say it wasn't my fault.

Brit said...

I exercised my democratic right at 7.50am. I was the only voter there. I hope the turnout isn't crap again; it shouldn't be following the TV debates. I can't remember politics being so much discussed in the office (nobody's mentioned Britain's Got Talent).

Barendina Smedley said...

'Cynghanedd' required recourse to Google and Wikipedia, and I can't vote until my little son returns from school as his excitement about the whole ritual is likely to be by some distance the most satisfactory feature of the day, but yes, good poem all the same - thanks for raising the general tone of election commentary today.

Sean said...

You should have a applied for a few postal votes Worm.

Gadjo Dilo said...

R S Thomas wrote that?? Good heavens.