Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bilious Green

Stupidity and evil are the same, if you go by the results.

That's the admirable Margaret Attwood, from 'Surfacing'. She's most recently been in the news for boycotting a literary festival in Dubai which banned a book with a gay character.

We've recently learnt that she's the hero of Caroline Lucas, Britain's first ever Green MP, having recently been elected for the Brighton Pavilion constituency, and a potential backer of a mooted progressive government.

Unfortunately, though, there's more to Lucas than you might guess: she's a signatory to this letter, one of the more stupid/evil bits of writing I've seen in the papers this year.

(An example of an intelligent/good letter, largely from a different corner of the left, can be found here.)


worm said...

aaaarrrrrgh. politics disillusionment overload.

zmkc said...

I'm just relieved - looking at the post heading, I thought we might be revisiting your son's potty and its contents.

malty said...

I owe you one Gaw, just shown this post to Frau Malty, she roundly denounced me yesterday for suggesting that Lucas is less than the sum of her organic parts.
(it took me years to convince her that Greer was an empty headed Aussie gobshite.)(it took her years to convince me that I was deeply prejudiced against...the world)

Brit said...

Lucas is a fanatic.

Gaw said...

She's an illiberal across-the-board hard left fanatic hiding beneath a cuddly Green exterior. Never trust a hippy.