Monday, 31 May 2010

The most beautiful place in the world

"This is the most beautiful place in the world."said our eldest as we walked through one of our local pubs, The Island Queen. We were on our way to the striped velvet semi-circular sofa in the back corner from which the photo below was taken (it's good for penning in children).

He has a point. It really is quite a sight: its double-height ceiling, intricately-moulded and ox-blood in colour; the large mirrors decorated with enamels of lush plants; the ornately-carved mahogany bar; as well the large curved and etched windows. And that's before we get to the bits the young fellow wouldn't appreciate yet, such as its Cask Marque-quality real ales (I had an Adnams Summer Stout, thanks). Food's not bad, either.


Sean said...

Island queen sounds more like a boat than a pub.

Anyway, I will see your sons "This is the most beautiful place in the world." and i will raise it.

On a "do" Saturday night at AQVAE ARNEMETIAE, in the very splendid
Wye House over looking the TheCresent (you know the one, the one that beats Barf)I too had the very same thought as your son.

A little research on Sunday lead me to this Historical revelation

'An establishment for the care and treatment of the insane of the higher and middle classes.'

It worked a treat. Your sons will know where to send you if the persistent madness continues :-)

worm said...

ahh, the mythical 'perfect boozer' - very jealous as we don't have one in our town!! could do with a really nice pint and a newspaper right now

Frank Key said...

I note the Island Queen is on Noel Road N1, the street where Joe Orton & Kenneth Halliwell lived. (There's a blue plaque, I recall.) So not only is the pub the most beautiful place in the world, but it has literary associations - no doubt the pair must have popped in from time to time.

Gaw said...

Sean: Very nice. Never been up there and I really should visit. But preferably not in a straight-jacket.

Worm: London is generally blessed with decent boozers as you know. Another reason not to leave.

Frank: Orton, Halliwell and The Island Queen: et in arcadia ego, or something like that.

malty said...

Start 'em early, that's what I say, the younger the better, even if it means lifting them up to work the optics, especially in a good old fashioned Edwardian boozer, there used to be hundreds mainly Watneys, in the sixties. The favourite was by St Martins in the Field, next to the post office, if it wasn't for the amount of alcohol consumed in the intervening years I would be able to tell you its name.

Gaw said...

I'm a bit regretful that my (proper) drinking days predated my visiting this pub. It would be a great place for a convivial skinful.